Independent Lab Tests & Evaluations

While our hundreds of satisfied users are the ultimate judge of the KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting System, we’ve chosen to submit our patented Klip to rigorous inspection and evaluation by leading independent lab testing firms. We wanted the engineers and architects that specifies and approve our products, as well as the precast manufacturers and concrete contractors that use them to be able to rely on the professionalism, quality and predictability built into the faster, better, safer “Klip that Grips!”.

AMEC Environment and Infrastucture

National Transportation Product Evaluation Program

Letter from Amy Hearon, EIT NTPEP, Project Engineer:

NTPEP does not have a program for testing rebar clips, so you don’t have to worry about having your product evaluated through NTPEP. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

World Testing Inc.
ICC Evaluation Service

International Codes Commission Evaluation Service ICC-ES

Bohdan N. Horeczko, PE, Manager of Professional Services, International Codes Commission Evaluation Service, a non-profit organization that evaluates building products for compliance with code, issued the following statement:

ICC-ES is not evaluating the products you described (KODI KLIP®) because we consider them to be temporary construction devices and not code requirements. In our opinion, the acceptance of your K-KLIPS would be subject to the approval of the project engineer and the building official.