Keep Your Competitive Edge

KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting Tool for Concrete Contractors

Losing sleep — and money — because competitors are underbidding you, insurance premiums are skyrocketing, OSHA citations are looming, and rodworkers are leaving due to injuries and harsh working conditions? Take back your power to compete! 

The KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting Tool and Klip System is the revolutionary new solution to the century-old problem of fastening rebar using slow, injury-causing tie wires. Our innovative System works on any concrete construction site and is ideal for high-density mats in bridges, roads, or slabs. You get a secure, four-way grip that holds tight, eliminates wracking, and streamlines work flows. Your rodbuster employees get a new set of tools that enable them to work faster with fewer injuries, lowering your labor and insurance costs, increasing your profit, and creating less headaches!

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Click on the video above to see the KODI KLIP® System in action.

Corrosion In Concrete Industry

Did You Know?

One of the major problems facing the concrete construction industry today is the effect of corrosion on steel and the inherent structural weakness it causes in reinforced concrete structures, including highways, bridges and buildings. KODI KLIP®s not only give you more stable connections but they don’t corrode.

Contractors Who Use KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting Tools & Klips