KODI KLIP® Job Stories

Thompson Bridge in Blount County, TN

March 2010 – A one lane bridge that is being replaced with a two lane bridge by Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Mount State Contractors and Britton Bridge Local Contractors.

The bridge contractor had already started wiring the #6 rebar when they decided to use KODI KLIPS®. The yellow KCS626 K-KLIP for #6 x #6 rebar was used on the first rebar deck layer. The Thompson Bridge is the first bridge project in Tennessee that used the KODI KLIP® Rebar Connection System.

It took very little time for the contractors’ rebar placers and wire tiers to learn how to use the KODI KLIP® System. Once training was completed they connected the two KTA-6 KLIPPER GUNS to their compressors and started connecting rebar. The ease of use and speed was noticed immediately.

Coolidge Municipal Airport in Coolidge, AZ

October 2005 – KODI KLIPS® were used in the reconstruction of an aircraft parking apron at the Coolidge Municipal Airport in Coolidge, AZ.

DBA CONSTRUCTION was the general contractor on the project. New concrete was 3000 PSI, 6″ thick, reinforced PCCP using size 57 rock and placed at a 3″ slump. All new pavement was reinforced in both directions with #4 bar spaced at 12″ centers — for a total of 33,000 connections. Project officials estimated that it would take construction crews four days to connect the rebar with wire ties — and just one day to complete the connections with the KODI KLIP® System.

Including the cost of the KLIPS, rebar clipping and placement, the project was completed for 26% less than budgeted.

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