The Ultimate Solution To Problems With Hand Tying Rebar

Traditionally, tie wire pliers and a tie wire wheel have been used to pull, wrap, twist, and cut rebar tie wire around two or more concrete reinforcing bars in precast concrete, tilt-up concrete, and cast-in-place concrete applications. Hand tying rebar requires a rodbuster to use both hands and make rapid and repetitive hand, wrist, and forearm movements while gripping the tie wire pliers when tying rebar grids and rebar cages. Hand tying rebar increases the chance of a serious injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as other injuries such as cuts and abrasions. Further, an unsupported, round-shouldered working position when twisting the tie wire pliers on ground level rebar mats and rebar foundations increases the risk of back pain and injury. Hand tying rebar results in serious wear and tear on the body – the job is literally backbreaking.




Benefits of the KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System

The Case for Safety

The Case For SafetyThe risk of injury to concrete reinforcement workers is well documented. According to a recent study conducted by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, rodworkers have the highest rate (3,997 per 10,000 FTEs/Year) of non-traumatic soft tissue injuries when compared to 300 industrial occupation classes (Silverstein and Kalat, 1999).

When work methods cause injury, then lost productivity, emergency room visits, medical costs and workers’ comp premiums can erode profit margins and damage employee morale. Turnover, including the costs associated with recruiting, hiring and training new workers, make it even harder to stay competitive.

Your employees are counting on you to give them the right tools for the job — don’t let them down!

Promotes Health & Safety

Protect your rodworkers — equip them with a rebar connecting system that is the safest and fastest in the Industry. Prevent wrist fatigue and cuts from wire tying, eliminate burns and flash injuries from welding rebar, and reduce back injuries from bending. Watch accident rates drop, morale improve, and productivity soar!