Why Tie When You Can Klip?

Benefits of the KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System

Saves Time

Move from job to job quicker by making rebar connections faster with the KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System. The lightweight, high-powered, air operated KLIPPING GUN attaches K-KLIPS in milliseconds, enabling you to be more competitive when bidding and to complete jobs on budget.

Saves Money

Spend less money hiring and training new rodworkers to replace those injured on the job, and cut costs by avoiding using more skilled labor to weld rebar connections on more expensive grades of rebar. Lower costs that erode job profitability and make it harder to compete — like Workers’ Comp premiums.

Promotes Health & Safety

Protect your rodworkers — equip them with a rebar connecting system that is the safest and fastest in the Industry. Prevent wrist fatigue and cuts from wire tying, eliminate burns and flash injuries from welding rebar, and reduce back injuries from bending. Watch accident rates drop, morale improve, and productivity soar!

Makes Stronger Connections

The KODI KLIP® System rigidly grips rebar saddle joints, dramatically reducing wracking and eliminating unwanted motion. Its patented four-point grip gives you more consistent and stable rebar connections. KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System the perfect  replacement for hand tying rebar on site-pour, precast, pre-stressed, and tilt-up concrete applications.

Easily Learned

The KODI KLIP® Rebar Fastening System is easy-to-use and can be mastered in less than 10-minutes. Spend less time teaching workers how to tie, cut, and loop rebar tie wire. Use unskilled labor to make rebar connections. Deploy skilled labor to where it’s most needed and financially justified.

Klipper Gun

KODI KLIP® vs. Wire Gun

Watch as KODI KLIP® takes on the wire gun. Who’s faster? Who’s better? You decide!

What Are Your Employees Saying?

Why are we still using tie wire?

I come home from work with cuts and an aching back every day.

My doctor tells me it’s just a matter of time before I need surgery.

All the guys with more seniority are scarred and stooped. That’s not how I want to end up.