KODI KLIP Announces Color Change

KODI KLIP CORP, a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of rebar connectors, is introducing an exciting wave of new Klip coloring for its rebar-connecting Klips! Currently, each Klip size is produced in a different color, however, beginning in November 2015, all Klips will be solid grey with the top of the Klip colored to designate size. For example, KCS424, which used to be solid red, will now have a grey body with a red top. The new Klips will still be identifiable by size, and QC Inspection will still be quick and easy. Below is an idea of what the new Klips will look like, with the colored portion circled: These color changes will be a running change as current inventory is cleared out. KODI KLIP News Release November 2015

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