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The KODI KLIP® Automatic Rebar Fastening System

Automatic Rebar Fastening System with K-KLIPS

Make more rebar connections in less time with less injury to your employees with KODI KLIP® automatic rebar fastening. Versatile, easy-to-handle, wrack-mounted K-KLIPS are made from recycled polycarbonate resin. The K-KLIPS make cross, parallel, and vertical rebar connections with ease, giving you more stable saddle joint connections that simplify inspection and maintain their tight hold during transport. In fact, the K-KLIPS hold the rebar connections so tightly that on most applications only 50% to 60% of rebar joints need to be connected!

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KORNER KLIPS for Corner Joints

KODI KLIP® KORNER KLIPS provide for easier, faster, 3-way corner rebar connecting. They eliminate racked, twisted, or out-of-alignment cages and baskets by rigidly enclosing all corners with less rebar bending, no rebar welding, and no double wire tying.

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Applying KODI KLIPS® is fast and easy with the lightweight, ergonomically designed, air operated KLIPPER GUN. Taking just minutes to master, the KODI KLIP® Automatic Rebar Fastening System KLIPPER GUN makes applying K-KLIPS fast, safe, and simple. The KLIPPER GUNS are available in four imperial and metric rebar sizes (#3 to #6 / 8mm to 20mm), and the Tools are energy efficient operating on less than 3 CFM / 85 LPM at 65 to 110 PSI / 4.5 to 7.6 Bar.

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Color Coded

Visual Inspections Made Easy!

KODI KLIP® K-KLIPS are brightly color-coded by size, making rebar connections easy to distinguish and inspect.